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  • Everything you need to start selling online
  • E-commerce & Multi-Channel software solutions
  • Boost sales performance


Our competition says:

"Setup your online store in 60 seconds!"

Do you really think that a business setup in just 60 seconds can be successful?

Bespoke online stores!

Because you are different!
Your competitors are based on the same templates, styles and colors.
Why should you do it too?
Setting up online stores

Since 1999

TLG has always been dedicated exclusively to the development and implementation of e-commerce and multi-channel stores!


LogiCommerce is probably the most user-friendly e-commerce platform you have ever seen. Try it!

Cloud eCommerce

  • High Scalability
  • Business Agility
  • Data Security

TLG Key Goals for our clients

No software installation required, no software maintenance, no hardware maintenance
– No limits.

No technical hassle

We provide quicker time-to-market and quicker time-to-value. We keep your store up to date with the latest features.

Always up to date

Non-working businesses end up closing, so if you don’t sell you’ll be leaving our service. This is our main reason to help you sell.

Sell more

Manage your online store quicker and easier with a Drag & Drop and multitasking system.

Easy administration

Customer success and satisfaction are top priorities for us.

Premium support

Our main goal is to provide high-quality, effective and profitable eCommerce solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Quality and excellence

Never sold online before?

We will make your idea come true

  • You don’t need to hire any technical or design staff. We take care of the full project from beginning to go-live.
  • We provide ongoing development and support in the growing e-commerce market.
  • We help you obtain your return on investment quickly, effectively and profitably.

Already selling online?

Moving to LogiCommerce is easy. Upgrade your store!

  • Our technical staff will migrate all your data from your current site to our system.
  • We help you reduce fixed costs that come with management of physical retail stores.
  • We use the latest, most reliable and most secure technologies in the market.

Customer experience

Over 300 companies have chosen TLG, including some of the world’s best-known brands.
View portfolio
Who’s better than our clients to talk about our services? Find out what they have to say.


SEO & Marketing

We strive to help you be successful and competitive via SEO and reinforcing your company image. Natural positioning allows you to generate high-quality traffic and boost performance in the long term.

Bespoke design

We'll adapt our software 100% to match your design requirements, or alternatively our team of highly creative web designers could give you a helping hand regardless of where you are. Design is not just a question of your site looking good. Design is now recognized to play an intrinsic role in attracting traffic to a website.

Payment systems

LogiCommerce is already connected to the world's main payment gateways. With more than 100 pre-integrated payment gateways, you will find the most suitable solution for your online store.

B2B-B2C Solutions

TLG leverages its expertise in cutting-edge technology with cross-industry experience to provide full-service B2B & B2C e-commerce portals to optimize business growth, enhance efficiencies, expand distribution channels and ensure competitive advantage in vertical marketplaces.

Mobile + Tablet

Experts forecast that by 2014 transactions made on mobile devices could account for 18% of total online purchases. You should ensure your online store gives the growing mobile user base a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

System integration

Our systems can integrate with any existing business environment or heterogeneous systems, from databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or even proprietary databases that require incorporating a particular ERP/CRM like SAP or SAGE, among others.

Advanced developments

Our experience allows us to tackle highly specialized and technologically advanced projects. We study the needs of your company and take the necessary actions to ensure the success of your project.



Our platforms cater to international markets with datacenters in most of the world's regions, such as Europe, United States, South America and Asia (Hong Kong and even China) which gives us an in-depth understanding of global e-commerce. Wherever your business is, we can provide an infrastructure for your online shop, ensuring a very high service availability.


The LogiCommerce cloud e-commerce infrastructure has been built to be one of the most flexible and secure environments available today. Our datacenters have achieved ISO-27001 certification and have been validated as Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Cloud eCommerce

Cloud eCommerce is a new way of offering eCommerce application services based on Cloud Computing. You’ll no longer have to manage any hardware or software for your online store. The shared infrastructure allows high availability at lower costs, always using the latest technology in both the hardware and in LogiCommerce, the TLG eCommerce application.
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